How Coaches, Consultants, And Service Providers Are Turning Their Practices into Lifestyle Businesses Making 6 & 7 Figures Income BEFORE Ever Hopping on Any Sales Calls…

…without webinars, VSLs, non-stop organic posting, cold DMs… while filling their pipelines, calendars, and emails lists with buyers… never paying for the ads out of pocket…

Now, that’s a mouthful… and WAY too good to be true. I agree.

So before we continue, let me show just 3 screenshots so you can get a sense of what’s possible:
This one is before we started working together…

$42,000 in a 5 months - not bad, but nothing crazy, right?
This is what our first month together looked like when we implemented the LTO Framework… 

$344,000 in 30 days (Front end – no calls, and no closing one-on-one).
This is when we crossed the first million - less than 5 months in (Front end again, no calls).

The point of this is to show you that… what you are about to read on this page is 110% legit.

And it works.

But, unlike most sales pages you’ve seen in the past, squeezing your arm to make you buy whatever they are selling…

Pushing you as hard as possible, with ridiculous claims, one-off-wonder figures, and stats… explaining how their product is the only path to freedom or the world’s going to end…

I won’t try to do that… nothing even remotely close.

I want to present you with some facts, I want to show you “the lay of the land” and where the online world is moving…

And point you in the simplest, fastest, and easiest direction to take advantage of what’s already going on…

“Recognizing opportunity at its very start, and riding the wave at its beginning is where the most wealth is made…”

Sounds good?

Ok… let’s dive in.
Live webinars, pre-recorded webinars, fake live webinars, VSLs, DMing people day in and day out, posting, reposting, commenting…

That’s hard.

Like really hard.

But regardless of how hard it was and how tedious was the process… when it used to work - it used to work pretty well… and it was WELL worth it.

Slave away for a couple of months, prepare a webinar, send traffic there and your calendar would be filling up with decent prospects.
It worked. A lot of manual labor, but there were some results.

And most people were pretty happy with it…

But the game has changed...


Let me correct myself…

The game is the same, the minds of our prospects have changed.

People sat through WAY too many “webinars and pieces of training” where they were in front of a pitch fest for a good 45-60 minutes…

Just to end up with nothing.

I’ve been on plenty of those.

My guess is you paid your dues too. Right?

“Free training reveals - 4 steps to pitch your brains out”

No wonder show-up rates on all “free training reveals” are in the toilet.

People haven’t learned anything on the “free training” for years.

Everyone and their grandma has been tricked into sitting in front of training that teaches them nothing…

More than once.

And that’s why those stopped working!

And even back in the days when everything was running smoothly and people were still registering and showing up…

…bankrolling the ads out of pocket was hard.

Even scary.

Putting 2, 3, 4 grand into the ads, not knowing what’s going to happen at the end of the webinar or VSL.
  • Whether people booked calls with you...?
  • ​Is your follow-up good enough...?
  • ​Are those prospects any good...?
  • ​Do they have money...?
  • ​Whether you'll recoup the ad spend...?
  • ​Will you make any profit?

Not really a dream scenario, right?

And certainly not fun at all.

Because, the reality is, we all started this journey online for a simple reason…

And, yeah, money is a big one… but if you dig deeper, money is never the main driver.

For almost all coaches and consultants we ever worked with it was these 2:
That’s it…

You agree?

I thought you would…

So, let me ask you something...

If I can show you a way that’s going to take you to that freedom…

Financial freedom.

Time freedom.

Freedom of choice.

And allow you to help even more people that you considered possible…

A way that’s proven, faster, a lot less risky, and a bit different than what you’ve planned when you were starting…

Would you be interested?

Yep? Amazing.

It’s going to require some work on your part (I’m sure you are not afraid of putting in the hours for something greater…)

But it’s gonna allow you to reach a point where a really small percentage of coaches, consultants, and service providers end up…

Imagine being able to:

Make money on day 1 from your ads

Stop chasing clients and have them come to YOU

Get PAID to hop on a call

Sell a $27-$47 product for profit

Today I want to show you how to take advantage of this new booming strategy that’s being used by less than 5% of coaches, consultants, and service providers…

But before we continue, I want to make something clear...

Although this is an unparalleled way to grow any personal practice in 2022…

It is NOT working that insanely well because we invented the rocket to take you to Mars.

It is working because THAT’S where the MARKET is!

And it’s working because almost no one is doing it… yet!

That’s it.

The frame of mind of all your prospects aligns perfectly with the strategy you are about to learn.

And that’s what’s making it so powerful and so effective… and that’s how we are seeing results like these:
Ok, I’ll break it down for you in just a moment, but first, let me tell you if this is for you…

If you...

  • Are an online business owner and you have your own product to sell… but you are struggling to get clients.
  • ​Do not have a low-ticket offer of your own.
  • ​Don’t know how you can use a low-ticket offer strategy for your own business.
  • ​Are running ads to get clients via VSL or webinar funnel, or doing organic outreach (FB messages, cold email, LinkedIn) to get clients.
  • ​Cannot afford to fund ads out of your own pocket.
  • ​Are tired of DMing and posting, spending your days on social media without any significant results.
If you’ve nodded your head on any of these, LTO Framework is gonna be heaven-sent to you.
  • LTO Framework solves the problem of not getting enough clients by getting paid upfront.
  • ​LTO Framework helps you avoid wasted ad spend on booking calls.
  • ​LTO Framework allows you to sell to buyers instead of selling to strangers and freebie seekers.
  • LTO Framework is an evolved way of selling products online.
That’s what makes this unique.

LTO Framework does not require any prospecting time. The prospecting is automated, and it’s much easier to sell as well.

Plus… and this is something no one else ever talks about…

It will train your Facebook Ads™ algorithm to find you the perfect people… allowing you to, after enough “Purchase” events, turn off the targeting completely and get just the best people at the best possible prices.

And here’s probably the BIGGEST thing LTO Framework is going to do for you and for your business…

LTO Framework will allow you to identify what’s known as the HOLY GRAIL in business online…

Aside from immediately recouping your ad spend, and in more cases than not, doing it at a profit…

You'll be identifying BUYERS in NEED

Who they are, and why online gurus are literally fighting to find them and attract them inside their world.

See… when you strip everything down to its essence, we are all in the problem-solving business.

Unlike Rolex and Gucci where it’s all about prestige, pleasure, significante, and glamour…

We are solving problems.

And the only thing that’s 100% going to be here with us humans in 17 billion years is - humans with problems…

That’s a guarantee!

Now we all want to solve those problems, right?

Well, not really.

Some people use their problems to get the attention they always craved to have…

Meaning… they like to “keep” their problems around, so they can bring up the topic whenever their subconscious needs it (another topic for another day). 

And that’s completely fine. We are guilty of that one from time to time.

And, on the other hand, some people are just ready.
They are ready to do WHATEVER it takes to get the problem solved.
They are sick and tired of talking, listening, and watching on the sidelines.
They’re READY to take action NOW.
That’s what is a “buyer in need”.

That person who behaviorally demonstrated, with their credit card that:

#1 - They have a problem.

#2 - They are ready to do something about it right now.

Now – off-topic:

Tell me, based on your experience, how hard is it to hop on a call with someone like that and close them to work one-on-one?

Someone who has a problem…

Someone who’s ready to solve it…

And someone who’s WILLING to pay in order to solve it!

It’s like…

“Hey, would you like my personal help to solve that problem faster and easier so you can continue enjoying your life without EVER having to think about it?”

It doesn’t get easier than that, right?

And that’s what a small group of coaches, consultants, and service providers are doing behind the scenes!

While everyone else is wasting ad dollars on webinars and VSLs… relentlessly posting on social media, fighting and hoping for the attention of one perfect person who needs their help…

LTO Framework will position you as an authority in your field… and it’ll have your perfect customers come to you asking for your help!

…instead of you chasing them in DMs and on social media.

So, how does the LTO Framework actually work?

Well, there are really only
4 steps to it...

The thing you're going to sell

How are you going to be selling it

Follow up to sell MORE of it

Way to get attention so people know you have something for sale

That’s it.

So let’s break these 4 bad boys down…

The thing you're going to sell

This is going to be your main product.

It can be audio, video, or print.

It should cost between $27 and $47.

It HAS to be super simple to go through and it has to get them closer to their ultimate goal.

Whatever they want to accomplish by working with you… whatever that dream outcome is for them…

Your product would ideally get them a step closer to having it.

I’ll give you an example…

I’m desperate to find a date. That’s the only thing I want in the entire world. Put a million bucks in front of me and a date, I’m going for a date.

The product can teach me how to approach a girl, ask for a phone number, and have an 80% success rate when doing so.



We are doing it that way so they do not get overwhelmed in the process and then as a result of that overwhelm - accomplish nothing.

If we give them too much, they are going to get stuck, do nothing, get no results.

…and at that point, their desire for working with us later down the road is going to die!

So… simple, easy, fast steps to get them closer to the ultimate goal.

I’m telling you all this because I don’t want you to create a 17-hour “low-ticket” program that no one will benefit from…


Ok, awesome.

But we don’t want to stop there.

Turning on the ads with one product for sale is the ultimate path to failure.

Ads are way too expensive these days and it’s impossible to recoup the ad spend that way.

So here’s where we go ahead and ask for help from a few great buddies of ours.

How are going to be selling it

Order bump…

Complimentary to the main product, appealing, and cheap - making it basically an “impulse buy” for them.

In our example… where I’m desperate to get a date…
When you think about an order bump, think “no-brainer offer”.

Something that has massive value, and is extremely simple to use (swipe files, templates, copy & paste).

Our next buddy is the upsell #1.

One of the best ways is - to continue stacking on what you already know they want.

Example for our guy who’s desperate to get a date:
“A 45-Minute Video Walks You Through 4 Different ‘Cold’ Social Media Messages Girls Absolutely Have No Choice But To Answer To…”

Another great way is to teach them something as a part of your upsell (build the need for the product) and then offer them an in-depth solution.

Here’s a quick example:

You buy “How To Get Clients on Social Media” on the sales page and the upsell page pops up…

The headline reads:

“A Perfect YouTube Ads Script That’s Been Bringing Us Between 30-50 Buyers Per Day For The Last 6 Months.”

Then you see the video that’s gonna teach you the script.

In the end, there’s an offer…

“This is just one of 4 video scripts we are using for all of our clients, and those 4 were responsible for X amount of sales in the last 3 months alone… those scripts are not for sale, but today as a part of this one-time offer you can get unrestricted access to all 4 for one single payment of X”.

See? Nothing fancy to it.

But… it works AMAZINGLY well!


Downsell #1 is our next ally.

Here we simply offer them a payment plan if they skip the upsell #1.

Upsell is one payment of X – downsell is 3 payments of Y.


Then we add upsell #3, and we add downsell #2.

That’s what a proper funnel has to look like in order for your ads to be profitable or breakeven.

Trust me on this one…

There is NO other way around it.


After that, they see a thank you page, where we (preferably) don’t say thank you, everything is on its way…

(and this is ninja-level…)

But we offer an “unadvertised training that brought/did X for this many clients and/or yourself” - and at the end of the training, you offer them to book a call with you.

I understand this can sound like too much… but this is how a 7-figure coaching business is built in 2021 and 2022.

And this is what people have been paying us a small fortune to do for them.

I’m giving you the keys of the kingdom here.


Follow up to sell MORE of it

Listen, here’s a sad truth…

No amount of copy (regardless of how skilled the copywriter is, heck, he can be the best in the world) will compensate for a bad, or God forbid, no follow up.


Mediocre copy, great follow-up WIN…

Every. Single. Team. 

Against great copy and poor follow-up.
So up your game here.

Create a simple follow-up for upsell 1 and for upsell 2.

Make sure you are honest and legit about…

Prices are going up.

Offer expiring.

Not seeing it anywhere else.

Limited numbers.

If you teach your audience you are 100% legit, your scarcity/urgency tactics will do WONDERS for you.

If you teach them you are “lying” about all those things, and they cna just come back and buy at the same prices whenever they want…

You’ll lose all the power.

All your promos will fall flat on its face. 

Your conversion rates will plummet.

Your countdown timers will be laughed at… your limited whatever will be “shrug shoulders” and move on.

When used wisely it’s one of the most powerful selling strategies ever.

If people find out you’re not legit… it will lose all its power, even become annoying.

It’s just like that.

Again, simple.

And now, and only now, we are ready to do:

Get attention so people know you have something for sale

This is when you are officially ready to turn on the ads.

Write a couple of short and sweet ad copies… talk about your perfect customers and what they want.

Mention the solution you have.

Tell them what to do next.

One of the best marketers in the last 20 years is running this as his ad copy…

“4 marketing courses for $4 dollars.”

That’s the ad copy.

So don’t overcomplicate it.

But make sure it calls out to your perfect customers and that the offer is really good.

Do NOT be vague.

Mix your ad copies with 5-10 different images.

Use something to stop the scroll and grab attention… but again - think perfect customers (don’t grab attention with kittens cooking Thanksgiving turkey).

Target known people from your field.

Target known interests from your field.

Do. Not. Complicate.

The copy inside your ad will “do the targeting” for you.

Put $5 bucks behind each and publish.

There you go.

That’s what a 7-figure coaching business looks like in today’s world.

Take these 4 steps, implement them in this order, and I can guarantee you will be blown away with the results you’ll be seeing.

And know that the number one thing that’s going to carry all 4 components on its back is going to be your offer.


If you have an offer that’s harder to pass than to get… everything will blossom.

If the offer is not just top-notch - nothing else will matter.

Now, although I presented these steps like a simple and easy way to achieve the dream outcome…

I promised at the beginning of this letter I won’t BS’ing you.


This is not easy!

Creating a product is not easy.
  • Setting up the funnel is NOT easy.
  • ​Setting the tech is NOT easy.
  • ​Writing the copy is NOT easy.
  • ​Designing the funnel is NOT easy.
  • ​Writing emails is NOT easy.
  • ​Setting the follow-up is NOT easy.
  • ​Creating the images is NOT easy.
  • ​Creating a targeting is NOT easy.
  • ​Crafting an irresistible offer is NOT easy.
I don’t want to insult your intelligence by telling you how easy all that is.

It is not.

So here’s what I’ve done for you.

I went inside all of our clients’ businesses (with their permission).

All of the biggest successes we had with low-ticket offers and I dissected to the last point… to the T… what made those such a stellar success.
  • The funnels.
  • ​The copy.
  • ​The tech.
  • ​The follow-up.
  • ​The offers.
  • The upsells.
  • The downsells.
  • The order bumps.
  • The Facebook ads.
  • ​The YouTube ads.
  • ​The images, videos, creatives.


And the next step was (IMO) even more genius.

Instead of just creating videos teaching you about all those, we went even a step further.

We created plug-n-play templates from all of those.
  • Funnel templates.
  • Copy templates.
  • ​Offer templates.
  • Upsell templates.
  • ​Downsell templates.
  • Order bump templates.
  • Email follow-up templates.

All by the best performing for us and for our clients in the past 12 months.

You’ll see exactly how to craft an irresistible LTO offer that people will rave about.

You’re going to get the product templates so you can have your main deliverable ready in no time.

Then you’ll pair with all the templates we’ll be sending your way…

And you should be ready to turn on the ads in around 2 weeks.

14 days.

With all the templates, and plug & play frameworks we’ll be sending your way.

But, back to no BS'ing you… 

Even with all these, you’re going to have questions.

It’s just normal.

There are some things you’re going to receive that are going to be confusing. 

So, we’ll include another amazing thing for you.

When you join LTO Framework today, we’ll include a 30-minute Implementation call on the house.

That’s right.

100% gratis - 30-minute call with me personally or with one of my advisers.

To ask any questions.

Get all the answers you need.


Ads related.

Copy related.

Upsell, downsell, order bump, follow-up… 

Whatever you need help with… we’ll make sure to give you a hand and point you in the right direction.

But… We don’t want to stop there.

It is just one call, right?

What if you have questions a week, two, or three down the road?

What if you have questions in 2 months?

So… we decided to make sure we do everything that’s in our power for you to be successful.

That’s the reason we added the Low Ticket Offer community inside a private FB group.

Inside that group, we’ll join you daily to answer any questions you might have… and help you with any problems and obstacles you might face while creating your LTO.


Copy related.






You’ll be just minutes away from having all your questions answered.

Imagine having your own funnel, with your own products, your own upsells and downsells, and order bumps, the whole 9 yards working for you tirelessly… day in and out.


Providing revenue.

Paying for the ads.

All that while filling your calendar with buyer prospects eager to work with you.

Talking about buyer prospects and closing people to your high-ticket offer, when you join LTO Framework today as a…


We are going to include a Secret Strategy we use to convert low-ticket customers to high-ticket at an unbelievable rate.

Simple messages at the right time that are going to turn your “sales calls” into a question-asking “talk with a friend” chat.

With sky-high closing rates.

This is going to take your LTO funnel and put rocket fuel behind it.

Turning it into a profit center, allowing you to outspend all your competitros both on Facebook and YouTube.

You’ll have what’s known as omnipresence and no one will know how you are able to afford to be everywhere all the time.

But we don’t want to stop there.

There’s another bonus I want to include for you today.


I want to send you our Email Templates that are routinely adding up to 20% to the AOV on all our front-end offers.

These simple emails will make sure your ads are profitable, regardless of how much is being spent on advertising.

To make it simple for you to understand…

If people are spending (on average) $100 buck inside the funnel… with these little emails they’ll be spending $120.

Simple as that.

And those $20 bucks will be more than enough to “out-advertise” all your competitors.

You’ll be able to spend $100k, $200k, even $300k on ads and recoup that money immediately thanks to that little 20% increase in your AOV.
However, that’s not all…

I have 2 more bonuses for you today…

But before I tell you what those are, let me ask you something.

How much would this be worth to you?

How much would a full-blown funnel, with an irresistible offer, with a perfect product, with all the upsells and all the downsells…

All the funnel copy, upsell copy, email follow-up, order bump copy.


How much would that be worth to you?

Having it work for you… making revenue and building your email list with buyers even when you are asleep.

Waking up to your phone with messages like these:
A thousand dollars?



Right? Who cares?

Cause, once it’s installed, it’ll be working for months and months, maybe years to come.

Waking up knowing exactly what the next month is going to look like.

Where the clients will come from.

What will happen if you don’t work for 2 weeks?

The peace of mind LTO Framework can bring to your life does NOT have a price tag.

I agree.


Back to bonus #3.


Our in-house Offer Workshop.

The exact steps we go through with all of our clients before crafting an irresistible offer.

This is how we make sure we hit a grand slam every single time.

It is our little secret behind all the success our clients are seeing with LTO Framework.

Today it’s yours absolutely for FREE as bonus #3. 


And last but not least.

I want to send you all the tech videos we refer to when setting up the funnel.

Let’s face it – connecting tech is NO fun…

Landing page builder, with email autoresponder, setting up pixels, custom event, using Zapier…

I mean (uuuff) even thinking about it I get chills down my spine.

So we recorded ALL these… screen record with the walkthrough and explanations and we included all those videos as a bonus #4.

So you don’t have to spend 7 days figuring out what goes where… and how to connect each piece of tech with one another.
OK, before I tell you how much is the investment for the entire LTO Framework with all 4 bonuses, let me recap everything that’s included:

What you'll get today:

  • The funnels.
  • ​The copy.
  • ​The tech.
  • ​The follow-up.
  • ​The upsells.
  • ​The downsells.
  • ​The order bumps.
  • ​The Facebook ads.
  • ​The YouTube ads.
  • ​The images, videos, creatives.
  • ​The funnel templates.
  • ​The copy templates.
  • ​The offer templates.
  • The upsell templates.​
  • ​The downsell templates.
  • ​The order bump templates.
  • ​The email follow-up templates.
  • ​The 30-minute implementation call.
  • ​Access to the private FB group.
  • BONUS #1: Secret strategy we use to convert low-ticket customers to high-ticket customers.
  • ​BONUS #2: Email templates to add 20% to your AOV at the front-end.
  • ​BONUS #3: Our in-house offer workshop. How we create grand-slam offers every single time.
  • BONUS #4: All our tech video walkthroughs. Funnels, emails, pixel, events, everything.

In the past, we hired people to do all these for us…

And it was expensive.

Like, REALLY expensive.

To get the funnel created people charge up to $15,000 - $20,000 dollars.

That’s just to get the design and the tech set up.

Then you’d have to hire a copywriter.

If you get a good one, with a proven track record… it’ll cost anywhere between $10,000 - $20,000.

Then comes the media buying.

Get someone to take care of your FB and IG ads – it’s $5,000/month.

Add YouTube to that and it can go to $7,500 per month.

And then if you get a conversion rate optimization expert…

They can charge you up to 30% of the revenue they create for you.

If you add all these up…

It can easily ramp up to $40,000 - $50,000 to get a fully functioning funnel built up for you.

And the worst part is not the price you have to pay.

Trust me, we went through it more than once…

The worst part is - you don’t know what are you getting and how everything will turn out.

Will they meet their deadlines?

Will they answer your emails if you want to change something?

Will they get back to you if something is broken?

To put it simply…

It's HARD!

And it’s really expensive.

So tell me…

Would a fully functioning funnel, with all the products, all the copy, all the follow-up, order bumps, and upsells… would that be worth to you one payment of $997?

If you are only at $50 AOV, after 20 sales you’d pay off the entire investment.



And not hitting $50 AOV using the LTO Framework is almost impossible.

But, I was teaching you here all the time that OFFER is the KING.

You remember that?

And although, as you just saw, at $997 this would be a no-brainer offer…

We promised no BS’ing.

With 20 sales and an AOV of $50, you’d hit a grand really fast.

But that’s without the ad spend, right?

Let’s say you had to spend $750 to get 20 buyers.

Meaning you only made $250.

Not too bad, right, but it ain’t a grand.

So, now $197 for the LTO Framework and all the bonuses would make much more sense.


Even with an $800 ad spend you’d make your investment back in no time.

Now, this offer is becoming way better.

$197 for having a full-blown, high-performing funnel with all the bells and whistles…

All the products, upsells, downsells, order bumps, email follow-up.

For one payment of $197.

A really good offer.


Still not irresistible.

For an irresistible offer, you have to have a discount.

And not any kind of boring 20-30% discount.

It has to be one that’s so good and so compelling… it has to make your reader feel like…

“Man, I’d have to be crazy to miss this”

With that said… here’s your “crazy to miss” discount.

Right now, as part of this promo… you can get the LTO Framework, dissected to the last point…
  • The funnels.
  • ​The copy.
  • ​The tech.
  • ​The follow-up.
  • ​The upsells.
  • ​The downsells.
  • ​The order bumps.
  • ​The Facebook ads.
  • ​The YouTube ads.
  • ​The images, videos, creatives.
  • The images, videos, creatives.
  • ​The downsell templates.
  • ​The order bump templates.
  • ​The email follow-up templates.
  • ​The funnel templates.
  • ​The copy templates.
  • ​The offer templates.
  • ​The upsell templates.
Let’s say each of these templates is worth just $97 (a funnel template that did a million dollar in 5 months is probably worth a lot more, but let’s keep being conservative).


Value of all these templates is $679.


The 30-minute implementation call.

Depending on the questions you might have this call can be worth to you anywhere from 100 dollars up to a couple of thousands.

Let’s say it’s $97.

Bonus #1 Secret strategy we use to convert Low ticket customers to high tickets. 

Say you convert just one person a month to your high-ticket program… And you charge just $1997.

At the end of the year you’d be looking at around 24 thousand dollars.

Just from this one simple strategy.

So the value of bonus #1 is $997.

Bonus #2 Email templates to add 20% to your AOV at the front-end.

Picture this…

You are paying 50 dollars to acquire a customer from FB ads.

And that person is spending (on average) 45 dollars with all the upsells and downsells.

Meaning, you are losing $5 whenever someone buys something from you. (Which is how most big players are operating their business - closing a LOT of those people to their high-ticket backend).

If you use this follow up template you can get those 45 dollars to $54… and turn that funnel into a self-sustaining, money-making machine. 

So… saying this bonus is worth at least $497 sounds pretty reasonable.

Bonus #3 Our in-house offer workshop. How we create grand slam offers every single time.

As we already said - Offer is a King!

Make everything perfect. Funnel. Ads. Copy. Emails. Follow up. Upsells. Downsells… everything.

And make the offer meh…

The entire thing will fall flat on its face.

So having our proven offer workshop, where you’ll see how to structure the offers that got over 60 thousand paying customers, making millions of dollars is worth at least $997.

Bonus #4 All our tech video walkthroughs. Funnel, emails, pixel, events, everything.

This bonus will save you from headaches and overwhelm.

Having a video to help you navigate whenever you are stuck with the tech, pixels, events, funnels, etc is priceless.

This bonus is worth at least $197.

So you are getting:

  • LTO FrameworkValue $197
  • All The TemplatesValue $697
  • ​Implementation CallValue $97
  • BONUS #1: Secret Strategy we use to convert low-ticket customers to high-ticket customers – Value $997
  • BONUS #2: Email templates to add 20% to your AOV at the front-end – Value $497
  • BONUS #3: Our in-house offer workshop. How we create grand-slam offers every single time – Value $997
  • BONUS #4: All our tech video walkthroughs. Funnel, emails, pixel, events, everything – Value $197

Total value: $4,461

For one payment of $197 $27

That’s how you craft an irresistible offer.

But there’s still something missing.

A guarantee.

Listen, the reality is…

You have no idea what’s waiting for you inside the LTO Framework.

It can be low quality… it can be hard to use.

It can be cluttered.


The templates might be bad.

Not functioning.

You never know, right?

We all have these questions when we are joining something new… and we never know what’s waiting for us.

And i don’t want you to assume all that risk.

There’s more than enough of the day-to-day stuff that life throws at us we have to deal with… stress about, and worry…

So I don’t want the LTO Framework to be yet another thing that’s going to take your mental space and worry whether you made the right choice or not.

The LTO Framework Guarantee

So when you join me today and you get all the LTO Framework I’ll include a no-questions-asked guarantee for not 30, not 60, but full 365 days.

You’ll have a full year to go through everything, use all the templates, plug all the copy, create the products, set everything to go live, and then decide if it was worth the investment.

A lot better deal!

So tap the button below right now, and take advantage of this amazing offer today.

This is not going to stay here forever, I know that for sure…

We are in the process of turning this offer into an exclusive one-on-one done-with-you program…

And when we do, it’s going to be a 5-figure investment and this offer is going to go back into the vault.

So tap the button below right now, get inside the LTO Framework… join us on the calls… use all the templates, set up your offer…

And take a full 365 days to decide if it was worth it or not.

If you feel there were better ways to invest $27 dollars, just email me and we are going to send you a 100% refund right there on the spot.

See you inside…

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